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Leaf Award

What is LEAF?

LEAF is a fun, bitesize programme, designed to give young people a deeper connection to the green spaces around them – from local forests and woodlands, to parks and gardens, to the biodiversity in their learning setting.

LEAF challenges young people to choose and complete 3 of our outdoor activities across an academic year. This work can then be used as evidence to apply for the LEAF Award. Award winners will get a certificate of achievement to print and present in their settings. Schools can also use LEAF activities as evidence to apply for the Eco-Schools Green Flag Award.

The programme blends subjects, skills and learning approaches to form an accessible and positive entry to nature for curious young minds.

This year, the LEAF Award is supported by our generous friends Frugi.

Who is LEAF for?

LEAF activities are open-ended. They’re adaptable to young people’s interests, experience and knowledge, and can be completed by a variety of ages in different ways. LEAF is ideal for:

  • Home-school groups
  • Youth Groups
  • Nurseries
  • SEND providers
  • Schools groups – this could be a full class or an after-school group

Why should we do the LEAF programme?

As well as providing evidence for your Eco-Schools Green Flag application, the LEAF programme is proven to:

  • Develop positive and curious attitudes towards local nature
  • Increase knowledge about the ways that nature connects to our lives
  • Empower young people to take responsibility for local nature

How does LEAF link to, and differ from, Eco-Schools?

  • LEAF and Eco-Schools can be delivered concurrently. LEAF activity work counts as great evidence for your Eco-Schools Green Flag Award application. See the activity guides below for specific details.
  • Unlike Eco-Schools, LEAF is open to groups outside of formal education settings.
  • LEAF doesn’t explore climate change or sustainability in the same way that Eco-Schools does. It is smaller and focuses more on developing a connection to nature.

Find out more about LEAF, the themes that activities connect to, and the history of the programme at LEAF Global.

Activity 3: Build an Animal Habitat

This activity prompts young people to identify which animals are common on their site, before creating a habitat for one of them. Finally, they can use this as a great way to observe and record wildlife activity.

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